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What is Dunnage air bag?
Dunnage air bag
Dunnage Air Bags can save you time, money and hassle
Release:Wayarn  Browse:274 Time:2018-01-06

What is Dunnage air bag?

Dunnage air bag is an innovative and easy transport protection tool.

Dunnage bag can prevent the movement of goods being transported in the trucks, containers or railway transportation. It can fully fill the gap among cargo/goods, support the weight result from the swagging of the cargo/goods, and absorb the shake to protect cargo from damage during transportation. It is better than other supporter or filling, and better for protecting environment than the traditional methods, such as foam, plastic products, and so on.

It is included inner bag outer bag, air valve etc.

Application: Logistics, Container, Storage, Truck, intermodal transport.

OEM service: Client logo, Special color,Special shape

dunnage bag

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