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To meet our client demands and expectations in production and service, our manufacturing facility has established its Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. And also passed the SGS, TUV,and ROHS, We have established a clear objective regarding quality and productivity. Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality woven polypropylene dunnage air bags and kraft paper dunnage air bag while remaining competitive in the marketplace. Our management supports these objectives by assuring that necessary resources are available for investments in research & development, new technology and ongoing educational programs. Today, we continue to improve in both quality and productivity, and remain at the forefront in innovation and design technology.


With over 8 years of experience in the packing material industry, our engineers have pioneered stronger and lighter weight fabrics Kraft paper, making our woven polypropylene dunnage air bags easier to handle, yet strong enough for the most demanding load securement applications.


All of our dunnage air bags are produced from the highest quality virgin raw materials by skilled craftsmen. Our finished bags undergo a rigorous inspection process before shipment to you. Every product that you receive from Wayarn is 100% guaranteed for its specified use.



  • We approve and purchase only the high quality raw materials

  • All raw materials are tested to insure they meet requisite specifications,Workers will do random examination.

  • All 7s PA film is extruded in house, under proprietary formulation

  • All Air valves are 100% air tested for leakage

  • All production orders are traceable back to the origin of the raw materials

  • Testing requirements for finished goods are 10% of lot quantity (air test) and 1 unit per lot (destruction test)

  • We have the dunnage air bag pressure test platform, can see bear and burstdatas in computer at sight.

  • Every finished order is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis

  • Finished materials are packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes clearly labeled, strapped and shrink wrapped on heat treated wood pallets for shipment

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